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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Through your senses user test

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Class Field Trip to The National Bank Museum

Last Saturday on the 1st of June our lecturer has organized a class trip class to the National Bank Museum here in Kuala Lumpur to work on our research for the upcoming project that is related to the bank artifact. There were many interesting things to explore surprisingly as I wasn't expecting it to be interesting as it was a museum, but after seeing how the exterior looks like, i take back what I said about it being boring and uninterested. 

The Numismatics Gallery
We first visited the Numismatics Gallery due to the fact it is related to our upcoming project. The Numismatics Gallery featured our nation history of our trading was commerce and the history of how coins was use as a form of trading and buying goods. It shows also has interactive installation that really engage visitors and give a different experience when visiting a museum. The interactive installation also helps people understand about history better in a interactive and visual way.

Pre-historic form of trading goods.

Interactive installation of  trading between the Chinese and Malays traders of the archipelago. 

Trading currency used by the Chinese traders during the business trades in Malaya.

Interactive installation explaining each coins about their history

found the inspiration behind the logo of the national bank haha

Display of all the word currency notes

Gold dust and nugget

There's a fine art gallery featured on the top floor

Malay traditional artifact 
Interactive installation explaining each history of the coins in a attractive visual approach 

Overall it was a fun and interesting experience to the museum. I've learn more about my country history and how trading was made in the past.

1-very nice architectural layout; looks very modern with minimalistic design. Geometric design.

2-it's building architecture and its interior design

3-the old coins artifact; I'm curious on with how the design of the ingots and trading coins was created and why they uses such design.

4-from this trip I've learn more about our country trading and currency history. And besides of just seeing images of the trading coins in the history book, I'm able to see the real object right in front of me. Overall it's a very inviting experience due to the fact I'm impress with its modern architecture design and how the artifact was arrange neatly. Yes, the information was presented not only using traditional format with is displaying it, they also make use of modern technology to convey the message to the visitor. Interactive presentation like games of how different nation use to trades goods, visitors can experience how was it like during that era of trading.

5-yes, by hearing museum, the net generation with have a impression of how boring the experience is going to be, with the looks of modern architecture of the structure they will share about how modern the building is and it's interior design. They will also share out how interesting is the history of the coins of out country is and what other nation trade us.

6-why certain color is use on the note?
-what is the process in designing he note?

-what's the technology behind these interactive installation?

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Inception Info-graphic

My info-graphic timeline for the movie "Inception". This is for my college assignment. It was a very interesting assignment indeed.
Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Beautiful Websites Screenshots

After searching for tutorial websites, lastly we are required to search for beautiful websites and provide analysis for each websites.

Huxley Prairie Fest

Have a nice pre-loading animation for its home page. Nice color combination with a retro looking theme with paper texture. Its clean and easy to navigate.

 ONST Creative

A graphic design company website. Each tabs animates when the mouse cursor touches them. It has a retro art style with a alien invasion theme, which reminds me about the 90s comics style poster. 

Just Dot

A German web development website. Uses a blackboard theme with chalks style fonts. Nice typography and placement of words. Its a one full page website so you'll not be send to the other links when you click the tab, it'll just simply scroll down automatically when you click a tab. Everything is on the same page.

Miki Mottes

A graphic designer port folio website. Everything is hand drawn with a cartoon style. All of the drawing is animated and have sound effects when your mouse cursor touches them.

Rayman : Raving Rabbids

The website for a game from Ubisoft. Each tab interacts as you clicked it. Uses 3D rendering for all its character. Very heavy flash usage with  background and character sound. Interesting looking loading bar. 

Photoshop Tutorial Websites.

After the all those brainstorming for ideas, we are later require to search for Photoshop or illustrator tutorial websites that is related to web designing.

All the link to the tutorial is provided.

tutsplus is a very helpful website that contains many tutorial on Photoshop and illustrator. And it widely visited by many peoples as a source of reference.

So while surfing the sites, I've stumble upon a tutorial that teaches you the steps on how to create a grunge style web design in Photoshop.

Just stumble upon this tutorial website called psd.fanextra that provide step-by-step detail tutorial. They also provide stock resources for downloads.

Here's another tutorial on grunge style website in Photoshop but with a different art style. Its is more to the graphics part rather than using a more realistic texture style.

psd.fanextra./unique grungy website tutorial

Designistruct provide various tutorial such as typography, website design, vectors art and even provide material for you to download such as e-books.

Here's a tutorial that i found in that teaches you how to create a modern lab theme website in Photoshop.

psd-files provide tutorials for web design, name card design, icon, logo and provide free templates to download. Beside's that you can also upload your own work there.

Here's one of their tutorial on web design on how to create a vintage style website in Photoshop. a vintage website

Web Design Project Initial Ideas.

For our web design project, we are require to think about our project initial ideas base on the given title, which is "How to....."

So these are my initial ideas :

1)"How to prevent global warming" - Aim wanted to create a awareness for the current issue we are facing now. By creating a user friend interface that is pleasing to the viewer eyes for easy navigation.

2)"How to live healthy" - To spread the habit of living a heathy life style. Create a visual to stimulate the viewer thinking of what will happen if they don't live a healthy life style.

3)"How to prevent computer virus" - Advising computer to about what computer virus are able to do with their computer and how to prevent it. Create a visual with virus taking up different kind of forms, hiding and lurking.
Tuesday, 31 January 2012

In Between

          After a long day doing my assignment I can say that I'm fairly satisfied with the result of my labour. This is one of the shots I took while trying to freeze the motion of the water droplets. The thing I love about this picture is that how uniformly the droplets is as a sphere and how the distance between them is always constant. I obtain this interesting effect while I'm playing around with the RAW data, adjusting its exposure and contrast, and this is what i get. Done in Adobe Photoshop.

f/2.8, ISO100, 1/160(Flash fired)